3PL warehouses capable of storing as much as 8000 pallets, these pallets run all the way to the ceiling, the highest location is 10 meters in height. We are using VNA’s latest technologies operated by trained staff. We have three banana ripening chambers. We can ripen bananas in a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days. Less human intervention and a warehouse at -20c to 16c from door to door. We can switch our freezers and refrigerators from -18 to +2 degrees Celsius. Higher end quality is guaranteed and that’s what we stand for. We are immensely proud of our ability to deliver the right product of the right quality and on time. We are equipped with CCTV cameras for monitoring the operations and electricity power backup 24 by 7. Our biggest asset is not a crane, or a warehouse, or a truck its our employees that run the equipment. They’re dedicated helpful, professional, and passionate. MR because the different between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra

We understand the importance of making sure your products are stored in State of the Art Temperature Controlled Warehouses that operates for Multi users or dedicated users located in Barka, Muscat on 3PL basis. You can have confidence that you can count on us to provide what you need.

MR Logistics has the capability to provide Freezers which can operate between temperature range of -18 Degrees Celsius and -24 Degrees Celsius. For some special type of Customers based on the requirement the temperature can be set at -26 Degrees Celsius

MR Logistics provides Chilled storage facilities to its customers. These chambers temperature is set to operate at a range of 0 to 10 Degrees Celsius..

Ambient storage
MR Logistics Warehouses are equipped with temperature control system to provide warehousing space between a temperature range of +18 and +25 Degrees Celsius.

Customized storage
MR Logistics specializes in providing customized storage facility to Customers based on various temperature requirements which cannot form part of Multiuser standard temperature range. Such customization will need adequate information to be provided by Clients and MR Logistics will have to conduct a due diligence study with its experts to arrive at the right solution.

MR Logistics ’s temperature Controlled facilities are duly calibrated and has automated temperature tracking facilities.
warehouse management service MR Logistics management team can handle the tasks of managing your facility efficiently, reducing waste, optimizing available space, selecting the right equipment, reducing operating expenses, and enhancing standards and quality of services. MR Logistics will manage the day-to-day operations using warehouse management system and all its resources.