Mohammed Riaz & Partner LLC offers almost all varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from all over the world depending on the seasonal availability. Our products are of fresh, top-quality and completely hygienic with full trace ability records.

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  • Apricot
  • Avocado
  • Banana
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  • Persimmon
  • Clementine
  • Dates


Red Fuji

Red Fuji / Fuji

Red Fuji apples are large, with a green-yellow background and intense red stripes. Red Fuji’s have a characteristic crispness and a strong apple aroma, with juicy yellowish flesh. Fuji’s retain the intense crispness and aroma of Red Fuji, but are characterised by a less intense colour.

Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a premium-quality bicolour apple. The name applies to Cripps Pink apples with a high percentage of the striking bright pink to red blush on the surface of the fruit. The skin background colour is greenish and the flesh is crisp with a tart-sweet taste.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples are vivid green with firm white flesh and a fresh, tart taste. One of the finest cooking apples, Granny Smith is also delicious when eaten fresh.

Golden Delicious apples

Golden Delicious

One of the most popular apple varieties worldwide, Golden Delicious apples are sweet with white flesh and pale green skin, ripening to yellow.

Top Red

Top Red can perhaps be described as the classic red apple. The variety has sweet, creamy white flesh with a deep red coloured skin and a crunchy texture.

Royal Gala/Gala/ Royal Beaut

Fragrant, sweet and crispy with a red-striped blush and creamy white flesh, Royal Gala is a perennial favourite among consumers. Royal Beaut is a natural mutant of Royal Gala chiefly characterised by a more intense and solid colour skin. Gala apples retain the flavour and sweetness of Royal Galas, but are characterised by a lower colour percentage.



A seedless late-season Mandarin, Nadorcotts are increasingly popular soft citrus varieties due to their appealing sweet-and-sour tart flavour. Fruit have an attractive deep red-orange smooth rind that peels easily.


Cape Five offers all the major varieties of orange, specialising in Navels and Valencias. Oranges are available between May and October and high quality commercial and industrial fruit are available to suit any purpose


Mandarins are small, easy-peeling citrus fruits with a thin, dark orange rind. Mandarins are popular snacks worldwide due to their fresh, sweet taste and ease of consumption.

Cara Cara

Cara Cara oranges are a natural mutant of Navel oranges chiefly characterised by their unique pink flesh and bright, berry-like flavour. Fruit have a high juice content and a mildly acidic sweet taste and are available between May and June.


Cape Five offers several grapefruit varieties, of which the Star Ruby is the premier variety. Star Ruby grapefruit are characterized by an intensely red-fleshed fruit with exceptional eating quality. Star Ruby grapefruit are often seedless and are very sweet with a high juice content.

Tambor (Ortanique)

Tambor, a natural hybrid between orange and mandarin is characterised by medium-sized fruit with easy-peeling skin and a rich, distinctive flavour. Tambors have orange-colored flesh and a high juice content.


Eureka lemons are Cape Five’s staple lemon. Eureka lemons are smooth-skinned fruit with a high acid level and juice content, making them suitable for any purpose. Fruit are available between xxxx and xxxx.


Packham’s Triumph

One of the world’s most popular pears due to its exceptional eating quality, Packham’s Triumph pears are large, green-yellow fruit with a knobbly shape. Packham’s Triumph has creamy white flesh and a pronounced pear flavour.

Vermont Beauty

Vermont Beauty is an oblong pear that has green-yellow skin. Like Forelle pears, Vermonts are crispy and sweet with a coarse texture and a very delicate, almost floral flavour.


An attractive red-blushed variety with a smooth skin, Rosemarie is a summer variety that has pale firm, sweet flesh with a delicate flavour.


Forelle pears are attractive oblong pears characterised by a red blush on a green-yellow background. Forelles are crispy and sweet with a coarse texture and a delicate flavour.

Williams Bon Chrétien

Williams Bon Chrétien pears are bell-shaped medium-sized green pears that turn yellow as they ripen. Williams pears have cream-coloured flesh and are very juicy with a distinctive pear flavour.